An initial consultation includes

  • A full health assessment looking at current health and health history 
  • Tongue, nail and eye reading,
  • Physical examination including blood pressure etc.
  • An individualised nutrition plan, 
  • An individualised supplement plan,
  • An individualised lifestyle plan,
  • Practitioner only herbal remedy if required,
  • Bach flower or homeobotanical remedy if required.
  • A hair test if required (not included in price)

A follow up consultation (if required) includes

  • A revisit of any current or new health issues
  • An update on your nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan as your health changes/improves
  • A new tongue, nail and eye reading
  • Blood pressure etc. as indicated
  • Repeat prescription for any of the above remedies, although a follow up consultation is not necessary for herbal or Bach flower repeats. 

Natural medicine views the individual as unique - therefore the remedies can be different between patients with similar conditions. This is different to modern medicine which treats the same condition the same way in different people. 


Initial Be Well consultation (60 mins)


Children's initial (10 years and under)


Follow up Stay Well consult (30 - 40 mins) 


Children's follow up visits (10 yrs and under)


Hair testing and comprehensive plan


Iridology (free when included in consult) or separately



Kinesiology - food and body testing, (free when included in consult) or 


Contact Care Flinchlock Release Therapy (for pain and mobility)


Deep Therapy Massage