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I took my son to see Sharla. He is a very sensitive child who struggles in feeling emotions more strongly than most children. As a result we have some difficulty with his behaviour and I hoped a change in diet could help. Sharla suggested a diet, in order to heal his gut and replace the gut flora that could have been eliminated through antibiotics after his birth. We experienced some positive changes in doing this (best of which was our daughter sleeping through the night finally!) and it will certainly be the basis of how we continue to eat healthily. Sharla was very understanding of my concerns and also developed a good rapport with the kids during appointments.

Thanks Sharla, and all the best in Waihi - what a great place to settle!

J Van Wonderen (Auckland)

 Hi Sharla

Thanks so much for helping me along my path to optimal health. It is so good to consult another person than self as other people may see things we can’t recognize in our selves. The diet that you prescribed has been a great tool for me to optimize my health. The symptoms I initially presented with are no longer there. I wish you all the best and love to hear of your successes in Waihi. I am sure you will do very well.

Claudia (Auckland)


I have been so confused about my health and tried all sorts of diets and pills etc. but felt completely lost. I needed a plan that would work and that's what I got when I visited Sharla. She ran me through my health concerns, looked at the hereditary link and said that hereditary is only part of it. Its our lifestyle and our attitude that makes the changes. In the month since I saw her I have not put on any more weight at all which is a miracle, and have turned things around and started losing the weight. It's been slow and steady and permanent because I've made permanent changes. I have found the changes a bit hard - especially when you're busy but I just have to make them my new habit. I am not confused any more and know where I am going. I am also much more relaxed and have more energy. 

Deborah (Waihi)