CHICKWEED (Stellaria Media)

I have a big chickweed patch in my vege garden that has kept me going through the winter and has been one of my staple juicing ingredients.

It’s a fantastic mineral supplement and contains: iron, copper, calcium, sodium, manganese, phosphorus and is high in silica and zinc.  It also improves the absorption of other minerals. Vitamins include A, some of the B’s as well as C and the ever important D.

There are many traditional benefits and people have used it as an anti -rheumatic, a nervous system tonic,  digestive, for the male and female reproductive system, as an anti- inflammatory, for fever, gout and constipation.

As a poultice can be used for: boils, burns, psoriasis, abscesses, ulcers, carbuncles, eczema and even haemorrhoids.

Other uses: Crush into a pesto with half and half basal or sprinkle the leaves, stalks and flowers onto salads.

My patch has just started to flower (with tiny white blooms) and so will soon go to seed, but will self seed and bounce back again next winter. To look at, this annual is a branching plant with leaves forming directly opposite each other with only one line of hairs.

CAUTION – As with anything ingested – natural or not – watch for irritation (in this case due to the essential oils). And always identify your plants!


Liq Gold

Liquid Gold

My smoothie often features chickweed. This one has a big bunch of chickweed, apples, fresh pineapple, carrots, cucumber, ginger, peppermint and celery.


Chickweed patch

This is my big chickweed patch – it feeds us through the winter and is just coming into flower now.